Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger

Set Up a Custom Domain in Blogger

Custom Domain in Blogger

Our web today is a brilliant square. It's inexorably upset into an message halfway for strollers around the world. Also, you cognise what the prizewinning thing is? It doesn't acquire a establishment, vie or graduation, that is the situation maybe its lineament lies in. Tip being, regardless of what you are after, from impalpable elements of items to how to utilise them, from feed product assortments to idiom play points, from how to horse Facebook enter to how to set up a bespoken place repute in Blogger. Each and everything is there, in riches and effectively handy. Presently I bang
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Before we start

It's consequential that you create, it isn't stubborn to add a bespoken arena into your blogger calculate. If you are a blogger, it's perfect if you already own your own diary, it shows your feeling and bang for blogging and provides you with freedom to suggest from one program to another, when and if you impoverishment. Also from users appearance, it's more easier for them to think and jaunt your diary at customized destination like than

One of the first things nigh Blogger is that it does not pushing you to computer your site with blogger. It is whole your own option to take from either of two hosting plans 'hosting on BlogSpot' with direct, or deed with a survival area with direction

Some Popular Web Hosting Sites:

On the off chance that you don't as of now have obtained yourself a custom area, these are the spots that you ought to be searching for to get one:
  • EasyDNS
  • 1and1
  • Yahoo! Small Business
  • No-IP
  • ix web hosting
So now if you have bought yourself a domain, from either of these you would have an IP address and a name. Let's assume our is 'mynewdomain'.com.

All things considered, it's an ideal opportunity to begin adding a custom space to your blogger account.


Here we are utilizing setup for, the most well known space name supplier. For custom domains from other sites, the steps are almost same, so don't vanish.

Setting Up Blogger Custom Domain

Step 1. Login to your Blogger account at

Step 2. Tap on your blog and afterward go to "Settings", pick "Essential".

blogger custom domain

Step 3. Under "Distributing" segment, click " Setup an outsider URL for your blog".

Step 4. Under "Third-party domain settings" next to "http://" type your domain that you just purchased and make sure that you don't forget to add the "www" prefix to the domain name.

set up custom domain in blogger

Step 5. Click "View settings instructions" to get the blogger's official instructions. On the Blogger instruction page, choose the "On a top-level domain (" option.

custom domain in blogger

Step 6. Under the point 9 of instructions, 4 IP addresses will be given, copy and save all 4 of them.

Step 7. Go back to your Blogger Settings and press Save. It won't get saved and an error will appear saying 'We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 32.'

setting up blogger custom domain

Step 8. Under the error, you will see two fields "Name, Label or Host Field" and "Destination, target, or Points To" field. Copy data of both rows from these fields.

Step 9. Now log in to your account and click on "My account" on the upper right corner > select "Manage my Domains".

godaddy manage domains

Step 10. Here you should see your acquired area name > simply tap on your space name.

godaddy domains

Step 11. Click on the "DNS Zone File" tab next to Settings and choose "Use Classic DNS Manager".

use classic dns manager

Step 12. Next, click the "Edit" button to edit your DNS Zone File.

blogger custom domain

Step 13. Under the "CNAME (Alias)" menu, click "Brisk Add" catch at the base of the screen (see picture 1 in the beneath screnshoot).

Step 14. In the Edit box that now appeared, enter "www" in the first box and "" in the second.

blogger custom domain

Step 15. Click "Speedy Add" again and enter points of interest from second column of the information we spared in step 8.

Step 16. Under the "A (Host)" menu, again choose Quick Add (see the below image).

Step 17. Host will be @ and the "Focuses to" esteem ought to be the one gave by Google IPs, spared in step 6 above. These are the Google IPs that you should get:
Step 18. Add all 4 of them one by one and delete old host as you won't need it anymore.

custom domain in blogger

Step 19. At the highest point of the page, tap on the "Spare Zone File" catch to spare your setings. Presently backpedal to Blogger and attempt to spare settings once more.

Step 20. Now go back to Blogger and try to save settings again. The registration process takes 24-48 hours, so don't worry if you get an error again. Come back again later to Blogger following 24-48 hours, rehash step 2 to 4, squeeze Save and the mistake ought to be gone.

Step 21. After your URL starts working, click on the "Edit" link next to domain name on setting page.

Step 22. Check the "Redirect... to..." checkbox below your site address to ensure that even if the visitors will miss out the www part, they will still be able to reach your site.

blogger custom domain

Step 23. And that's it. Enjoy your new URL!

So this was easy, right? Only a handful of steps and we have successfully completed our mission of adding our custom domain in our blogger account. In case you haven't yet, stay patient wait for 2 days and try again. Or repeat steps 1-22, and make sure you don't miss any. Otherwise your new URL is ready and all set to roam around the wonderful world of web.

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